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On The Circuit

Oliver’s Mount is the last remaining true street circuit left on the UK mainland. Its two-and-a-half miles of twisting and challenging tarmac is the core of what makes this event so very special. Situated above the Victorian splendour of Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, the circuit has been seemingly untouched by time, looking much as it did when local boy Cliff Allison – who went on to F1 for Ferrari – won there in 1953. This hidden gem has been known and loved by generations of bikers, and it’s time to bring motors back to The Mount.  While other motoring festivals offer you myriad sideshows, we’re all about the main event – and that means the action out on the circuit.

Track action starts at 11am with cars parading around the circuit non-stop until 5pm. Each category of 10 cars will complete three laps before the next one roars immediately out onto the track. What kind of cars can you expect to see on Sunday 20th September? Well, the big success of our press day at Oliver’s Mount was the wildly eclectic mix of motors that turned up – everything from a brand new quarter-of-a-million pound Bentley to a Group B rally monster and a full-fledged, NASCAR Chevrolet that shook the very earth and could only get around the hairpin by coming to a complete halt and power-sliding in a cloud of thick, white tyre smoke! We’ve decided to go with that mix for the event on Sunday Sept 20th – you literally won’t know what’s coming next. (But do stay tuned for updates!)

What makes East Coast Classic different to every other motoring festival is the historic and demanding circuit in a fantastically scenic location. Where others expect you to turn up and look at cars sitting dormant in a farmer’s field, at Oliver’s Mount you’ll see them brought to life  – think of it as a moving motorshow!