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Concors d’Elegance

Love your car? ‘Course you do – so why not share the love? Enter our Concours d’Elegance (fancy words for ‘beauty contest for cars’) and win a prize that probably won’t be a plastic trophy from the specialist sports shop on the High Street and might be a subscription to Britain’s best-selling classic car publication, or car care products from a company whose name sounds like a flying dinosaur.

We’re not just looking for trailer queens. What we’re really fond of are much-loved, much-modified and much-driven motors. And although the East Coast Classic is a celebration of post-war British motoring there will be classes for cars wherever in the world they were made. So don’t be shy! Entry is £3 on the day – no form filling or sending pieces of paper via Royal mail required. And remember, it’s just a bit of fun (the judges’ decisions are final, okay?).