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Car Clubs

Car Clubs – the red-headed stepchildren of car shows (apologies to gingers everywhere, especially Lord Chris of Top Gear), shunted off into the outdoors equivalent of an attic bedroom and ignored by everyone?

Not at the East Coast Classic – we love car clubs! And we’ve got a massive, gorgeous infield for you to set up your stand and park your much-loved motors in. Therefore, there will be no restrictions on who or what is welcome or how much you need in terms of floor space (seriously, the infield at Oliver’s Mount is a giant, flat and well-drained expanse of lovely lawn) just think, no more arguing about the size of your gazebo or where to stick it (ooeer!).

So, email us HERE info@eastcoastclassic.co.uk and we’ll let you know all about our special deals (not much to tell, we’ll bung you a few freebies, essentially). If anyone wants all of this in explicit detail then sorry, it ain’t gonna happen – we’re busy. But it’s dead simple:

  1. You tell us you’re coming.
  2. You arrive at the last-remaining street circuit on the UK mainland in Scarborough on Sunday 20th Sept (not too early, it’s a Sunday).
  3. You stick your tent up unfold your deck chair, break out the Thermos and wait for the first bloke to say ‘My dad had one of them’.